Pumps & Pressure Systems



We stock a complete line of high quality pumps and pressure tanks. We install using only top quality materials for longer life service.  Some pumps we installed 40 years ago are still up and running.  We provide well installations, replacements, and well upgrades with all work carried out exactly to the Ministry of the Environment Code. Our pumps include submersible, shallow and deep well jet pumps, sump pumps, laundry pumps, sewage pumps, battery back-up sump pumps, gas and piston pumps.  We are a stocking distributor/dealer for Berkeley, Wellmaster, F & W, Pompco, Aquateck, Barnes, Liberty and Rideau Pipe.

Our pressure tanks range from 6 gallons to 120 gallons brand names are Wellmate and Zilmet

Pentek Intellidrive

If you experience water pressure problems or dramatic changes in temperature, you should try a Pentek Intellidrive. Simultaneous use of the shower and a toilet, sink, or other appliance can sometimes cause a drop in water pressure or even a nasty blast of icy cold water when you take a shower. The Pentek Intellidrive maintains constant water pressure regardless of how many people or appliances are using water at the same time and it also extends the life of the pump and motor.

Night Eye - Always Watching

Know what is happening with your battery back up sump pump from anywhere in the world. Pump monitoring and alarm notifications are sent to your smart phone. You can check if your power is out, low battery and low basement temperature. Remove the stress while on vacation or at work by installing a Liberty Storm Call Night Eye battery back up system